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Paper Plate Crab {Beach Crafts for Kids}

July 31, 2014
Here’s one of the crafts I posted for the Jacksonville Moms Blog.  You can click here to view all the crafts & activities I posted for them.
Paper Plate Crab
My 4 year old absolutely loved this craft.  Her favorite part was cutting out the crab claws all by herself.  My 7 year old wasn’t interested in making his own crab, but he did take it upon himself to tell us some crab facts while we were working.  He pointed out that not all crabs are red and we might want to make a blue or white crab.
Supplies: Paper Plate, Paint, Glue, Scissors, Construction Paper, Google Eyes
Directions: Start by painting the back of your paper plate.  While your paint dries, cut out crab legs and claws from your construction paper.   I just drew freehand some claws and small legs and let my daughter do the cutting.  Glue on your crab legs and google eyes and let everything dry.