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Paper Bowl Jellyfish {Beach Crafts for Kids}

July 29, 2014
Here’s one of the crafts I posted for the Jacksonville Moms Blog.  You can click here to view all the crafts & activities I posted for them.
Paper Bowl Jellyfish
This cute jellyfish is exactly they type you do want your kids to play with.  My daughter chose to make her jellyfish purple with matching tentacles.
Supplies: Paper Bowl, Ribbon, Scissors, Paint, Google Eyes

Directions: Start by painting your jellyfish.  While it’s drying cut your ribbon tentacles.  I let my daughter measure each strand a full arms length and then cut it for her.  We cut a total of 10 pieces of ribbon.   Tie all your ribbon together with 1 knot.  Poke a hole in the top of your jellyfish and thread your tentacles through so that just a small amount sticks through and the rest hang down the bottom.  Glue on some google eyes and allow them to dry.