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Playdoh Sea Urchin {Beach Crafts}

August 2, 2014
Here’s one of the crafts I posted for the Jacksonville Moms Blog.  You can click here to view all the crafts & activities I posted for them.
Playdoh Sea Urchin
While my 7 year old wasn’t very interested in the cutesy crab and jellyfish, he was very interested in making a sea urchin.  I highly recommend you use washable markers for this project because it gets all over the kids’ hands.
Supplies: Playdoh, Toothpicks, Markers
Directions: Start by using your marker to color the toothpicks.  Roll your playdoh in a big ball and add your sea urchin spines.  We allowed ours to dry for a few days until it was hard.  This would also be fun to do with clay.