Once Again Hazelnut Spread
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Once Again Nut Butter Amore Hazelnut Spread

May 4, 2018

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As a lover of all things hazelnut, we jumped at the chance to review Once Again Nut Butter Amore Hazelnut Spread. The first thing you might notice about Once Again Nut Butter is the ORGANIC label on the outside of the jar. They’re more than just organic, Once Again nut and seed butters are all gluten-free certified, non-GMO verified, certified organic, vegan, and kosher. Once Again Nut Butter also follows Fair Trade and Sustainability standards for their farm partners, suppliers, and prices.

Nutella Spread with Apples

Our family’s favorite way to enjoy Once Again Hazelnut Spread is on fresh fruit. With summer right around the corner, just a dip of this delicious spread turns your favorite fruit into a delicious dessert treat.

Hazelnut Spread Once Again

Sliced apples paired with a small dish of Once Again Nut Spread makes the perfect after school treat. Once Again nut butter is high in protein and fiber and has fewer calories and less saturated fat than the leading hazelnut spread. It is also made with no artificial flavors, colors or hydrogenated oils.

Nut Spread on Pineapple

We loved trying Once Again Nut Butter Amore Hazelnut Spread, it has quickly become a favorite snack treat in our house for grownups and kids!

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Once Again Nut Butter Amore Hazelnut Spread