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London Theatre with Kids :: Matilda

July 14, 2016
This post is part of my Summer Abroad with Kids series. You can read all about our summer travels in London with kidsĀ here.

One of the things top on our list of to do this summer in London was to take in as much local theatre and arts as possible. The accessibility of theatre for families in London is unlike anything we have in the states. Last week we decided to take the kids to see Matilda.

Holy cow, this performance knocked our socks off. I’ve been a fan of musical theatre since a young age and Matilda is one of the best shows I’ve seen a long time.

We bought the cheap seats for the show for a few reasons. First, there weren’t a lot left since it was short notice. Second, I wanted to get tickets to a few other shows so we decided to go cheap in order to see more.
View from the cheap seats.
I used the site Theatre Monkey to read the reviews on all the different seat options at the Cambridge Theatre. This was the best way for me to find out the best of the cheapest seats.
Overall, Matilda gets 2 big thumbs up from all the members of our family. Both kids (ages 6 & 9) thought it was amazing. My son even commented that our seats were terrific.