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The Beckhams Go West {Day 20}

January 13, 2016
 In July of 2015 we set out on a grand vacation through the southwest. We traveled for 21 days and over 6,000 miles, visiting 5 states and 9 National Parks. We explored new places and met up with old friends. Overall, it was an amazing journey and everyone learned so much. I highly recommend the Foder’s guide to National Parks of the West, we used it when planning our trip and it was a great resource. You can see all my posts about the trip by clicking here.
Day 20 – Biosphere 2, Old Tucson & Shopping
On day 20 we split up for a little bit. The boys headed to Biosphere 2 for the morning. This was the one thing Cole really wanted to do, but I didn’t think Kiley would really enjoy it so they went by themselves. Cole was all over this place and from the report when they got back, it sounds like he learned a lot. The girls headed out for a little shopping and then later in the afternoon we all met back up and headed to dinner at Old Tucson. They have a wild west show, and little touristy shops that the kids loved. This was the perfect way to spend our last night in Tucson.

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