Easy Family Halloween Costumes
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Easy StarWars Family Halloween Costume

May the force be with you! I loved our StarWars family costume from a while back. It was super easy to throw together, the hardest part was everyone figuring out which character they wanted to be. Chewy is actually a pair of pajamas, our little Leia was a costume I bought, Darth Vader was a […]

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First Day of School

So the first day of school came and went and my baby headed off to Kindergarten. So far it has been a great year for both of them. We’re so grateful for such a wonderful school, right around the corner from our home.

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Happy Birthday Cole!

Dear Cole, Today you are 9, which if you ask me seems a little ridiculous. I mean, 9 is half way to 18 and that I cannot even deal with. You are one truly amazing kid and I’ve cherished every second I’ve had the honor of being your mom. You have taught me so much […]

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