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Kid Lab Coats and Goggles for a Mad Science Party

April 4, 2015
We gave each kid their own lab coat, goggles, and ID badge at our Mad Science Party.  You can read about all the details over on the Jacksonville Moms Blog.
Lab Gear: When the kids arrived we had a lab coat, badge and safety goggles waiting for each of them. The lab coats are nothing more than men’s dress shirts with the sleeves cut off. Since I sew, I hemmed the sleeves to be the correct length but you could easily just roll them up. I asked our friends and family to give me any white dress shirts that they weren’t using and the rest I found at Goodwill for just a few dollars a piece. The badges were printed out at home and put in holders from the office supply shop.
Pro Tip: The goggles we got for free when the kids attended a Lowes Build & Grow Event (also free). We just kept putting them away until we had enough for the party. You can always buy them, but remember I’m frugal, so free works for me.

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