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Christmas Book Advent Calendar

November 19, 2013

Every year (or at least for the past few years) I’ve done a Christmas Book Advent for the kids.  I wrap up all our Christmas (and some winter themed) books and then every night we open one and read it.  It’s always the same books, although I have added a few new ones over the years.  When Christmas is over I pack up the books along with the tree and decorations so when they come out again in December it’s like they are new again.  This year I wrapped them in brown craft paper and used my countdown labels on the front.  I love, love, love the way it turned out.

If you want to create your own Christmas Book Advent you’ll need to collect all your Christmas books.  Don’t have enough for the whole month, don’t worry… I also use books with winter and snowy themes.   Wrap them up in some paper.  I used this Brown Kraft Paper.  I bought a gigantic roll of it on Amazon a while back and I use it for everything.  Table covers, gigantic coloring sheets, wrapping paper, I love it.  Print out a set of my labels and you’re all ready to go.

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