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Custom Father’s Day Board Book

June 2, 2008

This week for Make Something Monday I’m going to share this easy Father’s Day Gift that I’ve been working on. I saw the book I Love My Daddy Because… at the library a few weeks ago and knew it would be perfect for a Father’s Day project that I’ve been wanting to do. It is a board book that is approximately 8×8 inches and I bought it on Amazon for under $10.

I first went through my photos with the book in front of me and found pictures of my husband and son that correlated with the text in the book. Then I ordered them in 6×6 size. The place I used has since gone out of business, but CVS actually offers 6×6 photo processing and their price is way less than what I paid.

Wherever you see an embellishment on the page, it’s where a piece of the original picture was sticking out (a monkey’s foot or giraffe’s head). There were 2 double page spreads in the book where the text and the picture spread across the pages. For those I just put down pattern paper before adhering the pictures. You can order pattern paper online or you can just pick up a few pieces at your local craft store. I choose a few different patterns for this book, but did’t need more than 2-3 sheets.

I used this super strong Tombow adhesive to stick the pictures on.

This was a super easy and very inexpensive project that has created an incredible gift for Father’s Day. I am so pleased by how well it turned out, the pictures don’t do it justice.

UPDATE: I just realized there is also an I Love My Mommy Because… book. This would make an adorable gift for that special Mom in your life.

Inexpensive board book purchased from Amazon.
6×6 photos ordered online.
Use super strong adhesive to stick photos to pages.
Match your photos with the text in the book.
More adorable photos adhered to the inside of the book.
A few more cute pictures.
Use pattern paper to cover up any extra images in the book.
You can use the same super strong adhesive for the paper.
I added a couple of small stickers that I had to jazz up this layout.
Final page in the book.
I thought this was an appropriate photo for the back cover.

ANOTHER UPDATE: I’m adding this info because I get a lot of requests for it. If you’ve already ordered your book and you want to know what the pages say so you can go ahead and start looking for pictures, here’s the text from each page.
I Love My Daddy Because…
he plays with me. (picture 1)
He keeps me safe and warm. (picture 2)
He brings me dinner. (picture 3)
He is big and strong. (picture 4)
He takes naps with me. (picture 5)
I love my daddy because (picture 6)
he can build a house. (picture 7)
He makes me laugh. (picture 8)
He helps me reach things. (picture 9)
He sings me songs. (picture 10)
He takes me for a ride. (picture 11)
He teaches me to be brave. (picture 12)
He teaches me to be careful. (picture 13)
I love my daddy because (picture 14)
he plays hide-and-seek with me. (picture 15
He protects our family. (picture 16)
He watches over me at night. (picture 17)
I love my daddy, and my daddy loves me. (picture 18)
Back cover (picture 19)







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  1. What a beautiful and amazing book, I especially love the picture of Cole holding the bat, LOL, yea, daddy protects us..too cute!

  2. What a great idea…so clever! I’ve also seen a book about ‘mom’ animals by the same author! A fantastic Father’s Day gift…

    Thanks for sharing…

  3. Oh, my goodness. I love that! What a creative idea and your pictures went perfectly with the words! What a great idea. I’ll have to look for books I can do that way. Thanks for a great idea!

    Btw, I found you through Tip Junkie. 🙂

  4. super cute! I have done some fun books like this for teachers and Mothers Day this year. Check out for cheaper board books and also I use Modge Podge for my adhesive, worked great!!

  5. I know this post is a year or two old, but I just came across it, and LOVE it! This would also make fabulous Christmas gifts. Thanks so much for the idea. Your book turned out GREAT!

  6. I know this is a very old post, but I found the idea on pinterest and just made it for my husband for Father's Day. It turned out SO good! Thank you so much for posting this! What a fantastic idea!

  7. Thanks for the awesome idea…I can't wait to make this for my husband! 🙂

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