Car | Movie | Transportation

Cardboard Tube Ramp

 Ramp Supply List: 1 wrapping paper tube, duct tape, colored electrical tape, scissors, little cars  Start by cutting the tube in a straight line all the way down.  Fold your tube in half and crease it in the middle.  Use the duct tape to tape over the edges of the wrapping paper tube and use […]

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Movie | Rainstick

Make Your Own Cardboard Tube Rainstick

Rainstick Supply List: 1 wrapping paper tube, foil, 2 small pieces of construction paper, markers, rice, packing tape Start by decorating the outside of your rainstick. Tear off a long piece of foil, approximately as long as your cardboard tube.  Squish the foil so that it can slide into the tube.  You don’t want to […]

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Letter S | Movie | Sailboat

Carboard Tube Sailboat

Sailboat Supply List: 1 laundry basket, 1 wrapping paper tube, stickers, crayons, clear packing tape, large sheet of paper Cut your paper into a right triangle and decorate with stickers and crayons. Tape one side of the paper triangle to the cardboard tube. Attach the tube to your laundry basket with tape and take your […]

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Game | Marble Run | Movie

Paper Towel Roll Marble Run

 Marble Run Supply List: 10-12 paper towel rolls, hot glue gun, magnets, scissors, marble  Cut out the edges on each of the tubes.  Use the hot glue gun to attach magnets to the side of the tubes.  Please do not allow your children to use a hot glue gun.  I did this part while Cole […]

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