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Pool Pics…

Here are a few more pool favorites. I love what a total water baby Kiley is. Her favorite thing to do these days is stand on the steps or side of the pool and say “one, two, ready, go” and then jump in the water.

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Cole | Mommy

Plane Travel…

Cole absolutely LOVED traveling on the plane to Chicago. He has flown before, about 2 years ago when we went to Chicago for vacation, but I’m sure he doesn’t remember. He did great looking out the window, eating snacks and playing on my iPhone.

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Christmas | Cole | Mommy

Gingerbread House…

On Christmas Eve Cole & Mommy decorated a Gingerbread House. The house was assembled the night before using a glue gun. And for anyone out there that thinks it’s horrible that I used a glue gun you’ve obviously never had to hold the walls of a gingerbread house together while you waited for the icing […]

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