Easter | Kiley

The Silver Egg…

 Every year we hide a gold and silver egg, both with money in them.  Kiley wasn’t the original finder of the silver egg, but she LOVED playing with it.  She kept trying to get it open to see if there was anything else inside.

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Easter Egg Hunt…

Once again this year Easter was celebrated at our house with a huge egg hunt for all the cousins.  It was a little bitter sweet since it was the last time we’ll be hunting in this yard.  The kids had a great time and Kiley was even able to keep up with the big kids.

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Toilet Paper Roll Bunny Rabbit

 Rabbit Supply List: 1 toilet paper roll, paint, google eyes, pipe cleaner, pom poms, construction paper, glue  Paint your toilet paper roll and allow to dry.  Cole chose purple because that’s his favorite color.  Cut your pipe cleaner in half and punch it through the toilet paper roll about 1/3 from the top.  Cut out […]

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