10 great gift ideas for kids
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10 Great Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages

November 10, 2017

When it comes to gifts for kids, I’m a big fan of not giving crap. I like quality ¬†products that are going to last them for at least a few years. Everything in this list is either something my kids own and love or something they’ve asked for, that I’ve researched and plan to buy for them. Happy shopping!

Keva Blocks Best Gifts for Kids

Keva Contraption Building Set

We love Keva Blocks in our house. My kids received this set as a gift a few years back when they were 4 & 7 and they still play with them al the time even though they are now 8 & 11.

Feisty Pets Best gift Ideas for KidsFeisty Pets

Feisty Pets are no joke. My kids had been asking for them for a year before they finally got them. The videos on youtube are hilarious and they are just as amusing in person as they are online.

Happy Socks Best Gift Ideas for Kids

Happy Socks

Happy Socks are just that, happy! They make a great gift for kids of all ages, and they might even be perfect for that teenage boy you don’t know what to buy for.

Lego Tape Great Gifts for Kids

Lego Tape

Lego Tape is just as amazing as it sounds. You can stick it pretty much anywhere and then stick your creations right into place. Pick up a roll (or 4) for your favorite kid.

women of nasa lego set gift ideas for kids

Women of NASA Lego Set

Perfect for your favorite future astronaut, this set features 4 of the great female astronauts in history.

gratitude jar gift ideas for kids

Gratitude Jar

This gift is geared more towards something the entire family can participate in. Gratitude Jars are also easy to make if you’re crafty.

Mermaid Pillow Gift Ideas for Kids

Mermaid Pillow

I have no idea why the name “mermaid” came from, but these pillows are awesome. If you haven’t played with one, go now to your nearest store and find one. There is an odd sense of calm that comes over you from moving the sequins back and forth.

Sphero Ball Best Gifts for Kids Apple

Sphere SPRK+ Ball

This is a pricey gift but I wanted to include it because it’s really cool. My kids took a free programing class at the Apple store last summer and they used these little robot balls as part of the curriculum. Now they each want their own to play with at home. Well played, Apple.

Rebel Girls Book Gift Ideas For Kids

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

My daughter got this book last year and I can’t say enough good things about it. Every night we read through 2-3 Rebel Girls before bed. The stories are short, 1 page, biographies and I’m sure you’ll learn a little from reading along.

Pottermore Artwork Gift Idea for Kids

Pottermore Artwork

J.K. Rowling and Pottermore has launched a series of prints and posters celebrating the Harry Potter stories, curated from the Pottermore archives. The prints are simply stunning and would make a great gift for your favorite Harry Potter fan.

Some of these links are affiliate links, but I stand behind my recommendation of these products. These are all gifts I would be happy to give to others.

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10 Great Gift Ideas for Kids








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