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Sea-Bands to the Rescue

August 19, 2017

Last spring I got the call many parents dread. “Mrs. Beckham, I’m calling to let you know Kiley threw up on the bus.” UGH. I almost thought she was kidding at first, but she wasn’t. My 7 year old daughter had gotten carsick on the last field trip of the year. As I raced across town to pick her up, I called the pediatrician to see what I could give her for her motion sickness.

This was not her first time being carsick. It started a few years ago and at first I thought she was just making herself throw up to get out of her carseat. But this was the first time it had happened on the school bus and I knew we had to do something to keep her from getting sick again. Our doctor recommended I pick up some children’s dramamine. We used it once and it made her so sleepy I decided that wasn’t the right choice for us. Then my husband reminded me. “What about those things you wore on your wrist when you were pregnant, I wonder if they make those for kids?”

And that’s where our story takes a turn for the better. Thankfully Sea-Band DOES make a kid sized band and it’s the perfect drug-free option for us. We’ve started keeping a set of Sea-Bands in the glove box of the car and my daughter knows to ask to wear them when we’re going on a long ride. I’m so happy to have found an all natural, drug free way to help her feel better without worrying about side effects.

Sea-Band is not only a great option for kids with motion sickness, they’re also great for adults and pregnant women. I wore them through my entire pregnancy to help combat morning sickness and I was relieved to have an inexpensive, drug free option.

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