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Summer Abroad with Kids :: Nevis Mountain Range

July 28, 2016
In the summer of 2016 our family set off to spend 8 weeks in London. We would explore the city and live like locals, renting a flat in Westminster. This was a far cry from our beach home in Florida and took a little adjusting to. We thrived in our new home away from home and had a jolly good time with many adventures along the way. This post is one installment in my series: Summer Abroad {with Kids}.
A Visit to Scotland and the Nevis Mountain Range

Last week we took a break from our travels in London, and headed up to the Scottish Highlands for a little getaway. We stayed in Fort Williams and decided to take a day and spend it at the Nevis Range Mountain Resort.

We started off our day with a ride on the Mountain Gondola. I was skeptical on whether or not the kids would like it. Well let me tell you that they LOVED it. The ride itself was smooth and we loved looking out at the beautiful scenery.

The top of the mountain was my kids’ favorite area to explore. There were trails with little streams and mountain bikers whizzing by. There was even a tube slide that was included in the price of your Gondola ticket.

But probably the highlight of our visit to the Nevis Range Mountain Resort was the High Wire Adventure ropes course. The two kids and my husband did the courses and everyone loved it. The highlight of my day was watching the kids complete the different challenges.

Squirrel Course

There were several different courses you could choose. My daughter was too short for any of them except the Squirrel, the lowest of the courses. But she loved doing it over and over again. My son and husband on the other hand completed the Squirrel, Barn Owl, and Wild Cat.

Barn Owl Course

Seeing my son (age 9) climbing in the trees and then zip lining down was amazing. He’s a nervous kid so for him to gather the confidence to complete it was a huge deal.

Wild Cat Course

I can’t recommend a visit to the Nevis Range Mountain Resort enough. We had such a delightful day playing in the beautiful nature of Scotland.

Thank you to the Nevis Range Mountain Resort for providing a complimentary Gondola ride. All opinions are my own.




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