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Tucson with Kids {Ben’s Bells}

March 29, 2016

In July of 2015 we spent a week in Tucson, Arizona visiting friends. Tucson is very different from our home in Jacksonville, Florida and the kids had a great time exploring new museums and restaurants. I’ll be taking a few posts to review all the fun and exciting things we did in Tucson. You can click here to read through all of them.
Destination: Ben’s Bells Studio
Date of Visit: July 2015
Kids: Cole (age 8) & Kiley (age 5)
Length of Stay: 1/2 Day
When I found out we’d be spending a week in Tucson, I knew I wanted to include a trip to the Ben’s Bells studio on our list of things to do. The mission of Ben’s Bells is to spread kindness and I have always wanted to volunteer to paint, so we took everyone and spent an hour or two at the studio. This was the one thing I really wanted to do when we were in Tucson and it didn’t disappoint. Everyone had a great time, and we picked up a few souvenirs.
Ben’s Bells offers open studio time during which you can go and help out. The day we went they needed us to paint kindness coins. My kids, ages 5 & 8, loved this activity. We visited the Ben’s Bells Main Gate studio and the employees were very welcoming and excited to have us. You don’t need to call ahead, but I had emailed to make sure they would have something for us. There are lots of other shops and restaurants near the Main Gate studio and you can easily make this a fun day out with the kids.
Admission: It’s technically free to volunteer at the Ben’s Bells studio, but they do ask you to “bring a buck” as a donation. You can learn more about their open studio hours here.
Tips: I really think this is a great activity for kids of all ages. While we were painting we talked about what it meant to be kind and even bought a few kindness coins to bring back to Florida. Ben’s Bells asks that you limit your party size to 6 people or less if you are coming to work during open studio hours. If you’d like to bring a bigger group, just contact them and they’ll fit you in. Know that you will get messy!
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