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The Beckhams Go West {Day 18}

January 7, 2016
In July of 2015 we set out on a grand vacation through the southwest. We traveled for 21 days and over 6,000 miles, visiting 5 states and 9 National Parks. We explored new places and met up with old friends. Overall, it was an amazing journey and everyone learned so much. I highly recommend the Foder’s guide to National Parks of the West, we used it when planning our trip and it was a great resource. You can see all my posts about the trip by clicking here.
Day 18 – Tucson & Saguaro National Park
On day 18 we got up early and headed out to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Although it’s called a museum, it’s more like a zoo and it was fabulous. They had tons of exhibits and animals, there was even an entire aviary filled with hummingbirds! Since it was mostly outside, by the end of the day we were hot. Good thing the pool was waiting for us when we got back from Andy & Matt’s house.