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Mad Science Party Decorations and Details

April 11, 2015
Those little details are what really make a party pop.  You can read all about our recent Mad Science Party over on the Jacksonville Moms Blog.
Decorations: Our decorations for this party were a piece of cake. The banner I made using graphics from the Periodic Table Writer. On the tables were jars that I filled with colored water and random plastic snakes, spiders, brains, etc. The dollar store was a great resource for animals that “grow” when you soak them in water.   I added dry ice to our juice containers before serving and the kids thought it was amazing.
Pro Tip: Dry ice is an awesome special effect, but it should be handled with care and is NEVER to be ingested. I used it in containers with spigots where I knew the kids would not be able to drink it. Many Publix stores sell dry ice, and you can use the dry ice finder site to see where you can buy it in your area.



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