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Chopstick Shell Sorting {Beach Crafts for Kids}

July 27, 2014
Here’s one of the crafts I posted for the Jacksonville Moms Blog.  You can click here to view all the crafts & activities I posted for them.
I had originally planned on doing this activity with my 4 year old, but my son, who is 7, was intrigued and wanted to join her.  This is a great activity to teach kids about sorting and classification, and it is also a great way for little hands work on their fine motor skills.
Supplies: Bucket of Shells, Kid Chopsticks
Directions: I began by talking with my daughter about different ways we can sort items, big & little, round & square, dark & light.  I asked her to look at all the shells and think about how she could separate them.  That’s when she declared she wanted to sort them into two piles, pink and not pink.  And that’s when my son stepped in.
The kids decided to sort them by type of shell.  They even started trying to pass shells to one another using the chopsticks in an assembly line style to sort them.  The best part about this activity was when they were all done we could put the shells back in the bucket and sort them using a different criteria (maybe pink, and not pink this time).


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