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Crib Rail Upcycled into a Book Sling

January 4, 2014
I wanted to share a project I finally completed last year.  I took the side rails from our old crib and upcycled them into a book sling for Kiley’s room.  I started off strong taking pictures and documenting my process and then I was just winging it so I, of course, have no documentation of that.
I started with 2 side rails from our old crib.
I used a screwdriver to pry the rails apart.  I left every third cross bar, but took the rest out.
Then I painted the entire thing white.  The fabric I used to make the sling part is from Ikea and it matches her bedspread.  I used big lag bolts to anchor it to the wall but before I did I put a large wooden bead between the 2 rails.  It’s really hard to see in the picture, but there is a bead at each of the four corners where it is screwed into the wall.
Needless to say, the crib rail book sling is a huge hit.  She loves that she can access her books so easily.

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