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Toilet Paper Roll Snowflake Ornament

December 16, 2013

Supply List: white spray paint, 1 toilet paper roll, glitter glue, scissors, stapler, pipe cleaner

Squish your toilet paper roll in half and cut small strips with your scissors.

Use your stapler to connect the strips into a flower shape.  Take your flower shape outside and spray paint it white.  Allow plenty of time for it to dry.

Add some sparkly glitter glue.

Use your pipe cleaner to hang that beauty up on the tree.  It’s hard to see how much it sparkles in this picture, but my kids love the glitter glue so it is nice an twinkly.


Book Suggestion: We are crazy about the Old Lady books around here.  There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow! is another awesome addition to our collection.  Even if you live where it doesn’t snow (ahem, Florida) kids can still appreciate this funny, rhyming story.


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