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November 17, 2013

Are you getting your Elf ready for December?  I am, I’ve been pinning ideas all over the place.  I decided to take Elfie out to the beach the other day and take some “vacation” photos so he could send the kids a postcard.  They ended up so cute I sent a postcard to each of them using Touchnote.  You can upload a photo and they’ll send the postcard for you.


Below are all the best of my beachy vacation photos.  If you want to send your own Elf vacation postcard you can go here and download a high res copy of the photo you like.  The ones available for download do NOT have my watermark on them so if you share them on your own site please be sure to link back to here.  Happy Elfing!

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  1. Adorable!! How did you get the arms and legs posable? My daughter just got an elf this year and I haven't figured it out enough.

  2. I used a straighten out paper clips. I just snipped a couple threads on the tip of the hands and feet. Put the paper clips in and just re-stitch. Also I added little pieces of sticky backed velcro on her hands so she can hold them together. 🙂

  3. You can insert a straighten out paper clip through both hands and feet. You may need to snip a couple threads on the tip of the hands and feet to get the paper clip through. Then just stitch it back up. 🙂

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