Happy Birthday Sweet Princess

November 3, 2012

Dear Kiley Jean,

My sweet, crazy, wacko princess.  How I love you like nothing you will every know.  You are phenomenal in so many ways.  From how much you love your brother, to your intense desire to learn.  I love the way you know all the ballet terms your teacher has exposed you to, and how you genuinely care about your little friends at school.  You are by far the funniest kid I know and much like your brother, wise far beyond your years.

Never in a million years did I think we’d ever have a girl, and yet here you are.  The perfect final piece to our family.  In all your pinkness, with your tutus and polish, you complete us.  Lately I feel the need to just sit and watch you.  Watch you play.  Watch you interact with your brother.  Watch you through the window at school when I know you don’t see me.  You are incredible.

On your birthday I wish for you another year of complete happiness, delicious pink cupcakes, and hopefully another 365 days without a trip to the emergency room (because I’m pretty sure that’s eminent with you).  Be brave and strong and keep working on your sashays because they are awesome.