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Paper Towel Roll Olympic Torch

August 21, 2012

One of the highlights of our summer was watching the Olympics.  Before the opening ceremony the kids and I made Olympic Torches.  They had a great time pretending to carry the torch around the living room.

Olympic Torch Supply List: 1 Paper Towel Roll, Aluminum Foil, Glue, Tissue Paper
Begin by cutting the foil into strips.  Have the kids wrap it around the paper towel roll until it is all covered.  Tuck in the ends if it hangs out over the edge.
Cut your tissue paper and glue it inside one end of the paper towel roll.


Here is my little Olympian with his torch.


Book Suggestion: Olympig! is a great story about a pig who trains for the Olympics only to lose all his events.  But he doesn’t let defeat get the best of him.  After watching so many gold medals get handed out this was a great story about how winning isn’t everything.

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