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Paper Towel Roll Marble Run

February 13, 2011
 Marble Run Supply List: 10-12 paper towel rolls, hot glue gun, magnets, scissors, marble
 Cut out the edges on each of the tubes.
 Use the hot glue gun to attach magnets to the side of the tubes.  Please do not allow your children to use a hot glue gun.  I did this part while Cole was napping.
 Line up your tubes on a magnetic surface.  This would be a great activity to do on your fridge.  We just got a new stainless steel fridge and it is not magnetic so we did out marble run on the laundry room door.

Here is a video of our little activity.  It was a HUGE hit!

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  1. This is great. My little man would love this. I have been meaning to make him a marble run for a while now. He is completely obsessed with ramps and cars.

    Thanks also for stopping by. I see we both seem to collect toilet rolls and paper towel rolls (I also have a mean collection of egg cartons..heehee)

  2. VERY cool blog! I'm loving your medium with which to work. I am featuring your blog and this post at Grab my "featured' button. I have quite a few TP roll craft ideas saved on my site you may want to highlight or think about. See the "TP roll" on my labels. There's other throughout my blog. Good luck with your blog!

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