IKEA Hack: KURA Bed Tent Planetarium

March 11, 2010

Cole received this 3-D Solar System set as a gift and instead of using the included string to hang the planets from the ceiling, we decided to hang them inside his KURA Bed Tent. I used a needle and threaded the string through the top/center part of the tent. Then I knotted it at the top and attached the planet at the bottom. We started with Mercury up by where he sleeps and ended with Pluto (because we still consider it a planet at our house) down by his feet. He loves to look up at it in the evenings. The planets glow in the dark so they work out great inside the tent where much of the outside light is blocked.

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  1. it's absolutely great ))
    we had stars and sheep around the bed on the wall, but now we need smth more interesting.
    I am going to a toy shop right after the morning coffee, I am! )) thank you


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